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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Fushigi Yuugi
A cel of Chichiri from -THIS-scene.It's a MUST for me!I'll pay almost anything for one of these cels! ^.^ I know where to find -2- of these but, 1 of them I don't know their e-mail, the other I'm unsure would sell it Will Give Kidney
A nice Cel of Chichiri without his Mask or from THIS scene! Will Give Kidney
Chichiri OP cel from THIS scene. Will Give Kidney
One of Tasuki when that little kid is waving by to him and he's got that Annoyed looked on his face! Very High
A cel of Tasuki from this scene High
A Kouji cel, I know in my dreams, but ey, worth a try High
A nice cel of Chichiri with his mask on in a Happy Mood! Wether it be funny or just his normal smile. High
A nice Tamahome cel from the TV series, Earlier in the series or when he's at Miakas world in normal clothes. High
A nice Tasuki cel from the TV series! Especially of one with him doing his attack! High
I must get one of Tasuki from here High
Tasuki from this part! High
This cel too.. ^^ or close to it High
Yes! One from this scene too.. High
A Nice Nuriko cel! Especially one of him/her alive :) Medium
Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers
Anubis/Shuten in Armor High
Anubis/Shuten in Sub Armor High
ANY of the Opening or Ending Cels High
Cale/Anubis in Sub Armor High
Dais/Rajura in Sub Armor High
Kento/Shuu Cels! High
Rowen/Touma Cels High
A Nice Cye/Shin cel, mainly in Sub armor or from last episode. Medium
A Seiji cel from this Seq. or THIS one exactly Medium
Rurouni Kenshin
ANY Katsu/Tsunan Tsukioka Cels! Especially from the scene or episodes the picture is of/from!Please no reproductions though. Will Give Kidney
One of Sano taking a bath from Episode 95 ^.^.. Will Give Kidney
ANY Opening or Ending Cels of Sano or Kenshin! Very High
One of Sano waking up in the morning on the departure episode. Very High
ANY Sanosuke Sagara Cels! Especially from the same episode as the Katsu/Tsunan picture I provided, is from. High
Any nice Milgesia Cels High
Any Opening or Ending cel or Sketch of Xelloss. High
Any nice Xelloss Cels Medium

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Gallery Created: 11/29/2001
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